Budgetboten specialises in the purchase and sale of large and small used boats in the lowest price range.

The boats displayed on this website rBequire some extra attention, but they can certainly be turned into something beautiful. We have also boats available that have ended up with us via the insurance, for example, or which have no known history because they were purchased from a marina.

By definition, a budgetboat will always be a boat that needs some work. What these jobs exactly entail, be it technical  and/or cosmetic, can vary per boat.

Budget boats are available in all sizes and price ranges. They are the result of a mismatch between market value and sales value. The low sales value is often caused because, for all kind of (personal) reasons, someone has not been able to maintain their boat for some time. This is where you will be able to benefit. Budget boats can be an excellent opportunity for DIYers, traders and enthusiasts. If this sounds good to you, please make sure to contact us.

You find us at the marina in Drimmelen. This is also where most of the boats can be viewed, although not all our boats are located there. We suggest you contact one of our sales people before visiting us.